Combination tours

Combination tours

Central Asia is the home of the most wondrous, magical places on Earth. Located along the mystical Great Silk Road, each of the five countries that comprise this region is represented by its own unique characteristics and charm. Follow the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest explorers and conquerors like Alexander the Great, Amir Temur, Marco Polo, and Genghis Khan. Some of the world’s greatest architectural achievements can be found along the Great Silk Road in magical cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. You can touch the sky when you climb the mountains of Kyrgyzstan or enjoy the tranquility of horseback riding in Tajikistan. Visit the space port in Baikanur to observe modern science at work as rockets blast their way into the cosmos from Kazakhstan. In Turkmenistan, there are many opportunities to visit some of the world’s most ancient cities. Also, there are opportunities to play golf at scenic resorts, enjoy an afternoon visiting a winery, or cool-off at an aqua park. Above all, you will be amazed at the friendliness and enjoy the hospitality of the people you will meet at the bazaars and in their homes. All of these wonders and much more, await you in Central Asia!

At Five Stans Adventure, our #1 priority is to provide you with the itinerary that you want. However, our previous customers have proven that these are our most popular combination itineraries of the 'stans. We have tried hard to cover all the highlights of each country in these
programs, and you will not miss any main attraction in any country and city. Moreover, our guides are always flexible and can take you to places off the beaten path by your request during the tour at no extra cost. Remember the countries in these combined itineraries are based on our years of experience, and we truly think these tours have great value. However, there are so many options you can use with 5 countries. For example, you can create different combinations, you can change the number of days at a site, or you can visit places that are not listed on our itineraries. In other words, we will acquiesce to your wishes! If you are looking to make a different option, please go to our Custom Trip Request form and we will create the itinerary which will meet exactly all your demands and wishes. We are here to serve you!


Five Stans Adventure is placed perfectly to realize your dream to visit Central Asia. Through the years we have listened closely to our customers to learn what they expect from their tours and the following tours have proven to be our most popular. But don’t think that you are restricted to these choices! We are here to listen to you! Tell us what you want to see and do and we will build an itinerary that fits your choices. It’s that simple!

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