Our accomodations

Our Accomodations

We carefully select the highest quality hotels to make sure that they represent the best of what the local culture has to offer, with a focus on comfort, authenticity, cultural depth, and environmental sustainability. One of the charms of traveling in Central Asia is that most hotels are locally-owned and operated. This means that many of them do not have the experience of running a hotel that meets international standards. Nevertheless, we can assure you that the rooms are clean, comfortable, and secure, and have the usual amenities that you would expect from any hotel. Above all, you can be assured that the owners and their staff are always ready to provide you with the best that Central Asian hospitality has to offer. When we search for hotels for our travelers, we select those that are the smaller “boutique” hotels that afford a great location and the best local atmosphere you can experience. You will appreciate the chance to engage in an eastern lifestyle rather then being in a bigger chain-hotel.

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