Central Asia Tours

A Central Asia tours will be one of the greatest trips of your life! But what are you going to do once you get here? Once, this region was the lifeline of the Great Silk Road and there are many sites that can attest to its importance to the economic well-being of the world’s economy. Fortunately, you are in good hands with Five Stans Adventure! We have a highly knowledgeable staff that is standing ready to help you build your perfect itinerary. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s quickly assemble a list of suggested sites you’ll want to visit on your Central Asia tours.

Samarkand is arguably the most essential city to visit on the Great Silk Road. The city, as we know it today, was built according to the wishes of Tamerlane, the great conqueror. Many educated observers have called Samarkand the greatest collection of Islamic architecture in the world. The soaring sky-blue domes and intricate artwork will leave a strong impression on your senses for years to come!

Bukhara was one of the key trading posts on the Great Silk Road where philosophies, religions, ideas, and economics collided to produce an environment that hasn’t been matched since then. A stroll through the winding streets, alleys, and walkways the old town will take you back to the days when wealth and knowledge ruled the day.

Khiva was once an important economic center of the Great Silk Road, and it still retains an enormous, but latent, amount of its magic. The walled city has been dubbed the greatest outdoor museum in the world and you will discover this for yourself. Near the city there are a large number of medieval fortresses (kalas) that will strike you for their importance and enormity.

The Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan are the most beautiful in the world, so what better way to enjoy them than to travel along the same route that Marco Polo took! Following a piece of the Great Silk Road, your trip will start in the Wakhan Valley and reach the high-altitude of the Pamirs.

Almaty was once the capital of Kazakhstan, but it still retains its economic importance. The city is fast-paced and matches the energy of any of those in the west. A Central Asia tours must include a visit the Zenkov Cathedral, the world’s largest wooden structure built without nails; and get smothered in the color and cacophony of the Zeloniy (Green) bazaar.

Kyrgyzstan is a trekker’s dream with the Tien Shan Mountains calling for you. Despite the rugged beauty, Great Silk Road traders passed through the mountains to make their way to markets in the Ferghana Valley and beyond. Be sure to visit the remnants of the Tash Rabat caravanserai to imagine the sound of travelers as they bedded down for the night.

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